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Atanansi Primary School, located in Luuka District of Uganda, was founded in 2015 by members of the community. Since 2016, a joint initiative of local Ugandans and US American citizens have been working together to strengthen the grade school education for the children of this rural and poor subsistence farming community. A solid educational foundation sets children up for future success in life, including preparation for higher levels of education. The school's mission is to provide students with strong reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking, and relational skills, along with supporting their physical and creative development in the forms of games, sports, music, dance, and drama.

Atanansi does not receive any Uganda government funding and therefore relies entirely on parents and well-wishers. Please consider a making a gift to Atanansi through Uganda Farmers, Inc. to support infrastructural development, operational costs, and the feeding program that provides students with a meal each school day.

Be sure to indicate that the donation is to be directed to Atanansi Primary School whether donating by PayPal or via check.


Iganga Babies Home is a nonprofit, charitable, and faith-based agency that supports, cares for and gives hope to orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children ages one day to five years.

Iganga Babies Home depends on donations from friends, well-wishers and charitable organiza-tions. For the past two years they had been receiving support from USAID, but the funding was recently suspended after Uganda’s anti-gay law was introduced. The suspension of aid from USAID has greatly affected the Home and has caused them to have to limit the children they can take in. Those who suffer most from this suspension are some of the world’s most vulnerable children, and they need our help.

Godfrey Musabe, a Ugandan and longtime supporter of Uganda Farmers, Inc. visited the Home this past summer. He said, “The kids really want love, they want to hold your hand and be held.” After seeing the Home firsthand, Mr. Musabe recently made a trip to First Baptist Church of Milford to speak about the Babies Home, where they took up a collection under the guidance of the Missionary Group led by Sr. Carolyn Brangman and Pastor Calvin E. Robinson. Together they raised a substantial amount of money, all of which went to the Iganga Babies Home.

Thank you to Godfrey Musabe and First Baptist Church for the generous donation! We are pleased to be able to help Iganga Babies Home and the children in their care.

If you would like to make a donation to Iganga Babies Home, please specify when sending your donation.