Update on Ihunga

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 9:19:4 PM

Uganda Farmers, Inc. is excited to announce the water project in Ihunga, Uganda has been completed and clean water is now flowing within the village! Jane Holler and Dan Marecki of Uganda Farmers, Inc. recently returned from a trip to Uganda where they attended the inaugural ceremony of the newly finished water project that took place in the village.

Jane, Dan, government officials, and village leaders gave speeches at the ceremony while several groups of women and children entertained with sing and dancing. It was an all-day event in which Jane and Dan toured the various water taps in the forest and examined the water tanks and solar pump. Villagers rejoiced as the water was blessed and flowed for the first time in Ihunga, just in time for Christmas.

Thanks to the wonderful support of you and all of Uganda Farmers’ donors, sponsors, and volunteers, we are able to help villages like Ihunga receive the gift of water and change their lives for the better. Uganda Farmers, Inc. would like to sincerely thank you for your support and share with you photos from the inaugural ceremony. We hope you enjoy them and know what an integral part you have played in making this happen.

Jane and Dan at the ceremony

Local children in Ihunga

Turning on the tap

Local residents attending the ceremony

Local children in Ihunga