KYEFA Wins Bantwana Competition!

Post date: Nov 13, 2010 5:26:58 AM

The Kyembogo Farmers Association (KYEFA), an organization with strong ties to UFI, recently won the Bantwana Competition for Not for Profit Excellence. Below is a message from Fr. George Muganizi. KYEFA is making significant strides and growing in popularity and credibility within the community. Congratulations KYEFA!

"I am glad to inform you that KYEFA managed to win the Bantwana Competition. It was a program auditing; [the judges] monitored and evaluated ten not for profit organizations on service delivery to the beneficiaries and we were the best! We have won a new three in one printer and they promised to get us a solar pineapple drier to add value to our pineapples as well."

- George Muganizi