West Shore Middle School Sponsors Walk for Water

Post date: Jun 03, 2019 2:12:59 PM

West Shore Middle School 7th graders sponsored a Walk for Water for Uganda Farmers, Inc. This was the culmination of a long unit of study within the social studies curriculum learning about water scarcity in Africa and what it means to be a humanitarian.

The students researched the many humanitarian crises and developed websites encouraging others about how to support people both here and abroad. The students chose Uganda Farmers Inc. because it was founded by two Milford residents which helped the students’ make a “real world” connection. The founders of the organization, Jane Holler and Dan Marecki, came and shared with the students about how the monies raised through their organization provide pumps for clean, running water changing the lives within a whole village. The students designed buttons, logos, fliers, t-shirts and bulletin boards to raise funds. Through all of their efforts, the students and teachers raised over $1,300!