Inaugural 5k Race A Success!!!

Post date: Jun 12, 2011 8:54:57 PM

Thanks to all of you who so generously contributed to the success of our 5k race, whether it was as a donor, sponsor, volunteer, or participant. The outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming. Mayor Jim Richetelli praised Milford for contributing to the needs of others on the other side of the world. Father Maroney did an excellent job of kicking off the race with a blessing for the water project. We had over 200 runners/walkers. This far exceeded our expectations. Our race day volunteers numbered over 30 people. We had music and food, massage, face painting, and lots of community spirit. The water project in Father Emmanuel's village will be completed soon.Please see the message from him below.

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year.

Jane Holler

First Vice President of Uganda Farmers Inc.

Dear Jane,

We lack words to use to thank you enough but we trust that that God who sees the inner part of our heart, will bless you abundantly. I have seen some of the photos, very beautiful!

Thank you so much and congratulations upon completing the Race with much success and please pass our gratitude to all. Today we completed installing Solar pump system, there is water flowing and people are collecting it from a hill top where we shall put a Tank. The water is clean and safe, we have reports from water department recommending it for human and animal consumption. Our hearts are covered with much joy and our eyes with tears of joy and gratitude! People cannot imagine it that now we have water near us!!

I will be back to you soon. Thank you once again.

Fr. Emmanuel.