Uganda In Crisis: An Update From Fr. Emmanuel

Post date: Sep 11, 2020 6:23:27 PM

Uganda is a landlocked country and one of the East African countries.

It is endowed with natural beauty with a variety of tourist sites ranging from ever green rain

forest, waterfalls, volcanic features like crater lakes, wildlife like the big five (Lions, Buffalos,

Elephants, Leopards, Giraffes, among others), food varieties and wonderful people in their varied

traditions and cultures. However, amidst all these endowments, most rural people still live in

poverty and find it hard to access basic necessities like running and clean water. There are also

natural calamities that often befall the citizens which leave devastating effects for the local


Locust Invasion

February 13, 2020, we got a report from our daily Newspapers that big swarms of Locusts had

invaded Uganda from the eastern border with Kenya. Fortunately, the government of Uganda

swung into action and mitigated the effects of the invasion by stopping them from spreading to

the other parts of the country. But the entire eastern and northern parts of Uganda suffered much

of the invasion. The locusts destroyed much of the green cover on the land including most

gardens of the people. This meant that the local communities would suffer from hunger and their

livestock would go without enough grass. The local communities are still trying to recover from

the aftermaths of the locust invasion. The government used hand spray pumps and choppers to

destroy the locusts. However, there is another feared looming invasion of the same insects that

has been announced by our government and everyone id on alert.


In March 18, 2020, our president addressed the nation and spelt out a number of directives to be

followed by all Ugandans, among which he announced the closure of all learning institutions. On

19 th and 20 th March we effected the directive by sending all our students home. From then on,

more directives have been given and the situation growing worse. Its of recent that the president

has started easing the lockdown. But Churches. Mosques, schools, Bars and saloons remain

closed. Many people lost their jobs including teachers; poverty has deepened, and most people

are desperate and frustrated. We have had already a number of suicide cases. Fortunately, there is

no death reported from the Corona Virus although we have now hit about 880 patients. Majority

of these have been discharged. We are still waiting and praying for the unlocking for the schools.


In our neighbouring diocese of Kasese just at the border with the Republic of Congo, floods

broke out destroying a big Hospital of Kilembe Mines, destroying several gardens, houses and

killing some people. The floods were caused by four rivers: Nyamugasani, Mubuku, Rubiriha

and Nyamwamba. The destroyed Hospital has been shifted to a primary school and that’s where

it is operating from since schools were locked down. Displaced people are currently living in

Camps. However, people in camps are facing serious challenges like lack of food, soap and

clothes, sanitary pads for ladies and girls, mattresses, blankets and tents for shelter and also

medicines. Many good willed people are trying to help but the need is so vast. The parish where I

have been going for summer supply in Germany is organising some fundraising for these people

living in camps. Already last week I took a donation from a friend of mine from Germany and I

handed it to the Bishop of Kasese. The situation is still alarming!