Local Schoolchildren Fundraise for Water Project

Post date: Jun 12, 2011 9:14:48 PM

It is not often that you come across grade school children who are as socially conscious and compassionate towards people who they have never met nor will likely ever meet. More often, a student is likely to use his or her spare change to buy candy at lunch be saving up for the latest technological toy. Yet the students of Hall School in Bridgeport, CT are not your typical students. Inspired by the suffering of the kids their age in the village of Rwesigiere, Uganda, the students of Hall School in Bridgeport, CT under the supervision of Principal, Mrs. Veronica Thomas, began collecting coins. Many children in Uganda lack a clean, accessible water source and must fetch water in jerrycans, often from up to two miles away. The students set out and collected coins in jerrycans like the ones Ugandan children use to collect water and donated the coins to help these Ugandan children. Similarly, the 6th grade students at St. Gabriel School instituted a program called Coins that Count to raise money for the less fortunate children in Uganda. These children serve as an inspiration to us all and should be commended for their generosity.