Rwesigi Water Project Update

Post date: Jul 25, 2012 5:6:34 AM

On 6/4/11, UFI held a 5K race which completed the fund raising for the water project in Rwesigiire, UG. Fr. Emmanuel Byaruhanga and his committee worked tirelessly to see the project through to completion. The people of the village enjoyed clean, running water for the first time. Children no longer had to walk miles to fetch water.

After several months, the project failed. We contacted the Draco Co. who conducted a few on site investigations. We met with Dr. Flavio, the Director of Draco on June 2, 2012, in Kampala, Ug. He agreed to send another crew to Rwesigiire to further investigate, which they did immediately. Draco Co. determined that the borehole that they originally dug was not deep enough. The following week, the trucks arrived again in the village to redig.

This project has brought much joy and improved living to the people.