Quarterly Newsletter

Post date: Nov 22, 2010 4:54:53 AM

We hope you enjoy the November issue of "IN PROGRESS..." (attached below, or see the Newsletters tab) IN PROGRESS is planned as a quarterly publication to update you on the special projects of our farmer brothers and sisters who are working so diligently at their development projects. It is the connection with USA donors like yourselves that makes possible the increase of their family income, health and well-being.

Having visited the farm sites and people, we are ever more conscious of their desire to meet their challenges with critical enthusiasm, creativity and hard work. They are a most welcoming, grateful, prayerful and gracious people.

Kyembogo Farmers Association, now in its 12th year, is a model of efficiency, creativity, and empowerment that is having a large impact far beyond their borders. Having begun with 15 families, they now have some 36 affiliates serving over 2000 families. With the support of donors, these farmer families are growing in agricultural know-how, improving their social and economic well-being. They are working towards marketing their produce - wheat, corn, pineapples, dairy and animal products to larger and larger markets where they can get better prices. They are working with their county and sub-county representatives to improve their infrastructure.

Kyembogo Farmers Association develops short and long range achievable goals. They are democratic, ethical and compassionate with one another. Their leadership is to be commended.for its careful use of donations.

Kyembogo Farmers Association is our first partner. Now we have a second partner who is headed by Rev. Emmanuel Byaruhanga who is working hard to develop a similar association of farmers as described above. We are assisting him by fund raising for a needed water project in his village as you will read in the newsletter. We encourage him in his efforts and ask for your assistance for our partners.