Join us Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Foran High School in Milford for our Ninth Annual Running Water for Africa 5K Race & Walk!

The proceeds of this year's events are for a water catchment system which will harvest rain water for the drought season in the remote village of Bwindi, Uganda. This is the area where gorillas live in the wild. Pygmies also live in this area. The second project will be to dig a well in Tanzania in another remote village on the north side of the Serengeti National Park. These projects will save lives by providing fresh, clean water to thousands of villagers.  With your help, we can make this possible!

Fort Portal Water Project
Opening Ceremony February 19, 2019

Members of UFI traveled to Uganda in February for the opening ceremony of the most recent water project in Fort Portal. 

From UFI President, Jane Holler:

Fr. Emmanuel had a spectacular day planned. We started with Mass at 10:00, followed by speeches, awards, entertainment by the students, ribbon cutting, the unveiling of the plaque, and lunch. All of this was followed by the Danielle Soccer Match where Danielle awarded the special cup to the winning team (primary school vs. secondary school; primary school won). It was wonderful, all the time honoring Danielle for her efforts. There were hundreds of guests in addition to all of the students and school staff. We extend our deepest thanks to all of our supporters for making this incredible event possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated in, sponsored, and volunteered at the eighth annual Running Water for Africa 5K!

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